HIIT, PHysio and Pilates Extra information

for members of tMP Village

Brought to you by Jennifer Mackie, Physiotherapist, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Coach, Qualified Pilates Instructor.

The following Videos are listed below:

First Video - Description of TMP Village Fitness Workouts - 2.19mins

Second Video - Pilates 101 Basics - 8.04mins

Third Video - Connected Breathe - Functional Abdominal Wall and Core Control - 18.47mins

Fourth Video - Full Pilates Workout - Pilates - 41.49mins

Fifth Video - Full Form Workout - Form - 23.18mins

Description of TMP Village Fitness Workouts

Pilates 101 - Basics.

It’s important when joining the TMP Village to watch this video before taking part in a Pilates workout. (Covers terminology/neutral spine)

Connected Breath - Functional Abdominal wall and Core Control


Form: TMP Village workout 20-25 minutes