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The Village: To access all of our October resources:

TMP Village


The Motherhood Project has teamed up with 4 qualified Practitioners to create a ongoing resource for mothers that is easy to join, manage & maintain.

Offering nutrition, meditation, personal development, fitness, webinars and more.


($4.62 nzd a week - a cost of a cup of coffee)

  • Access to a large library of fitness workouts. Ranging in length, style and intensity. ( HIIT, Pilates, Stretch & Form)

  • 4 new meditations a month meditation - related to the monthly theme.

  • 8 x Personal Development strategy/tip.

  • 16 nutritional recipes and extras(hints/ tips), related to the theme of the week.

  • Live Chats with our 4 practitioners.

  • A monthly WEBINAR run by our TMP Clinical Psychologist Lineé who specialises in Maternal Wellness.

  • Monthly guest WEBINARS by women’s health experts.

  • A community of like minded women.

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The Village is run across a member only website library and a closed Facebook group.

  • To gain access to the website library you are required to create a membership.

  • TMP Village Closed FB group posts gentle reminders of all the resources on our website library.

  • The Webinars and live chats are run within the FB closed group. The Webinars are saved to the website library.

  • We release resources month by month, each month is themed.

The motherhood project has been created to provide
a community and support system for mothers around the world.

SIGN UP NOW, $20 a month, cancel anytime.

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The directory

Lists the top Support Services for families in NZ as well as our favourite Product and Service Businesses in New Zealand.

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Launched in June 2018, we have grown to over 45k followers around the world. Designed for the woman that believes she owes herself more and deserves more.

A place to connect with real women, who inspire and empower you.  A place to feel accepted and supported as well as have a good laugh. 

In this Motherhood Project, you are first. It is created by mothers for mothers. Whether you're a soon to be mother, first time mother, or sixth time mother, we all need support. The thing about us mothers is that we do it, we get it done and we make it work. We worry and care so much, but at what cost?

Motherhood relationships are a gateway into the world of adulthood, where many of us are craving connection and a chance to be vulnerable. Now is your chance to join your community of mothers in NZ.

Life is beautiful, it can also be challenging, troublesome and sometimes even tragic. It's not about trying to be happy all the time, its about facing our problems and solving them in the best way by creating better habits and tuning into our superpowers.

I believe, through this community, we can encourage each other to live our best lives. I want mothers to discover their own personal bliss, and learn that this doesn't take away from your childrens' lives, it enriches them. Through our motherhood community, events, collaboration and store, (with more exciting things to come,) I hope you find what you are looking for. The women of The Motherhood Project believe we are a community of women who support, empower and inspire each other to become strong, successful and positive in life, business or whatever we choose to do. The Motherhood Project is a safe place to connect and be heard, to share and to learn.

True connections and relationships during motherhood are a life jacket that keeps our head above water.