Holistic Health Tip - Stress & Hormones

Our bodies are designed to be able to cope with stress, but in this modern day world we have an epidemic of stressed, anxious, wired & tired women.

The thing is your body cannot tell the difference between real life & the content you’re creating in your brain & i’m telling you thins because wether your feeling the pressure from a busy schedule, rushing around or the demands of children are taking it toll, our brain perceives this as your life being in danger.

Your body will prioritise the production of stress hormones - cortisol & adrenalin, these stress hormones will push out your sex hormone production.

Two of the main sex hormones are progesterone & osetrogen. Progesterone is a beautiful hormone that is dominant in the second half of your cycle, the result of ovulation, it makes you feel calm & relaxed, gives you glowing skin & is important in your metabolism. It is linked to fertility ‘pro-gestation’. When you are stressed your body is going to send a signal to the brain to say ‘life is in danger’ do not reproduce & ultimately you will shut down ovulation. A lot of women that struggle to ovulate due to high cortisol or adrenalin will experience PMS, anxiety before a period & acne.

Now, when our progesterone is too low due to stress hormone production we see women with oestrogen dominant conditions because the progesterone : oestrogen ratio is thrown out. Women who have oestrogen dominant symptoms tend to have heavy painful periods, tender breasts before a period & are more likey to experience oestrogen dominant symptoms like endometriosis.

So this is a very brief explanation of how stress can throw out your sex hormones & leave you feeling like a crazy woman. In clinical practise I am very passionate about treating & supporting the nervous system.

A nourished & calm nervous system is the key to vibrant health.

Gina x