Holistic Health Tip - Stress & Weight Loss

Your stress levels can have a direct effect on your weight.

If this isn’t motivation to become mindful of our stress levels than I don’t know what is.

Your body cannot tell the difference between real life stress (example - tiger is chasing me & my life is literally in danger) & the content you’re creating in your brain (example - kids are crying, I cant find my keys & i’m late for work… life is not in danger). The stress is responded to in our body the same way if either of these seniors are happening, you are equiped to send signals throughout your body at any given time to help save your life.

When you are stressed the biochemical reactions in your body trigger an increase in blood glucose levels, this sends energy to your peripheries (arms & legs) to get you out of that immediate danger, but, 99% of the time we are not in immediate danger we literally living in this state of fight or flight to keep up in this modern day world. So when our body is continually raising blood glucose levels & the glucose is not being used to get you out of danger it will be stored at fat.

Chronic stress even has the ability to result is insulin resistance which may proceed to type 2 diabetes.

  • Find your triggers of stress & put some little tools in place to prevent triggers.

  • Build up your nutrient reserves so your body has the building blocks to make neurotransmitters needed to feel calm - magnesium & B vitamins are a great place to start.

  • Commit to a meditation guided by Gem in The Motherhood Project Village.

  • Follow some of the recipe guides in TMP village to help balance blood sugar level. Adequate fats & protein are going to help balance BGL.

    With Love,

    Gina x