Holistic Health tip - Stress & your digestive system

Poor digestion, bloating, constipation, IBS are really common complaints from women I treat in clinic & stress can be a big factor contributing to these symptoms.

When you’re under stress & pressure your body will produce cortisol & adrenalin as a coping mechanism, the next biochemical reaction in your body is diverting blood away from digesting and directing it to your peripheries (arms & legs) so that you can run from danger. Historically this would have been a necessary response from stress but nowadays its likely we are not running from danger. Everything from your thoughts, self talk, beliefs as well as food & drink (big culprit coffee), can trigger your body to make stress hormones.

So when food arrives in your tummy when you’re stressed, anxious or rushing you don’t secrete the digestive enzymes to break down protein, carbs & fat, food starts fermenting in your tummy & causes the bloat.

With blood flow diverted from your digestion you will not be absorbing nutrients from your food which then cascades to nutrient deficiencies.

Next time you pop food in your mouth check in with your self, are you calm, relaxed, chewing your food & noticing the flavours. So often we inhale a meal on the go.

Food for thought

Gina x