This is normal. This is real life. It’s a sign of what it just accomplished. Out and proud my friends.

Wearing an adult nappy is like a trophy. 🏆

Women are taking these selfies after having a baby, and that’s a movement I can get behind!

You don’t need to share it.

But definitely take one.

For demonstration purposes, I’ve shared mine.

Even though I’m feeling super vulnerable about it.

Why capture this messy, exhaustion fuelled moment?

Because you need to celebrate what your body just did!

Like I said, those puffy pants that are like an absorbent cloud for your hoo-ha, are a badge of honour!

You, my lady, just got a limbed watermelon from the inside to the outside.

I repeat, something that weighs more than a puppy just had itself transported between worlds, BECAUSE👏🏻OF👏🏻YOU.

Sunroof or tunnel, you still have to wear these.

And you still need to take a moment to celebrate your effort!

Your tummy looks all crazy and squishy, and it looks like your baby left another womb-mate still in there, but that’s a reminder of the home your body built to nurture a life.
It’s gonna take a little while to pack down. 

None of this 2 days postpartum strategically angled, sucked in’ bullshit.

Out and proud my friends.

THIS is real life.

This is what your body does.

It’s a sign of what it just accomplished.

You don’t have a long way to go till your back to normal.

THIS is normal.

By the beautiful @Jessie.juggles.three