Who am I weaning him for REALLY? I’m not sure it’s for him or me. Rather some abstract idea of the way things should be.

WEANERS - By Karen McMillan.

Sometimes to me

Parenting just seems to be

Constantly having to wean

From one bad habit

Onto another

In fact, that’s what I’d call us

WEANERS!...not mothers


All of these things to pick up

Then suddenly drop

No sooner have you mastered it

They want you to stop


“You really should wean him

Off the boob by One

By not a day sooner

Because, y’know, foods just for fun!”


“Don’t you think he’s getting

Too big for that dummy?

Dip it in vinegar

Give it to the Easter Bunny”


But your utter insistence

That I really should wean

Says much more of you

Than it does of me


Do you think it’s something

I should add to my CV?

Additional skills…

Well, did you know I can wean?

Some are so adept

Take it all in their stride

His every weaning milestone

Right on time


Like some beautiful


Weaning machines


Well, I must be broken

Or missing a bit

Because I’m just so

Bloody rubbish at it


Still on the boob

After two

So many rods

I could open a shop


But who am I weaning him for REALLY?

I’m not sure it’s for him

Or even for me

But rather some abstract idea

Of the way things should be


It’s something I worry about almost daily

Always there, it’s intrusive

And weigh down heavy


So we scramble around on the internet

Seeking out mums who’ve cracked it

What worked for you?

Will it work for me?

And be honest, tell me

How awful will it be?


“He’ll cry on the first night,

But be fine come night three”


I wonder what would happen

If I just let things be


Allow things to happen

More naturally


Not coerce

Or force

But wait


By our beautiful contributing writer Karen McMillan. You can follow and read more of Karen’s work over on her Instagram page : https://www.instagram.com/mother_truths

Beautiful Image by Angelica - https://www.instagram.com/angelickpicture