Dear New Mama.

Dear new Mama,
There will come a time where all of this is a distant memory.
But in the beginning...
There will be waves,
The deepest love you have ever known,
All at once.
Let the waves wash over you.
The internet will scream "self care" at you.
While your baby screams back.
And you won't know how it all works.
You + baby + relationships + work + balance.
And the honest truth is,
No one does.
We all have our backs up against the wall at some point.
We have all cried in a puddle of breast milk, lochia and overwhelm on our bathroom floor.
You'll feel shame.
And wonder where this emotion comes from at such a beautiful time,
Birth trauma
Post partum complications
Or none of the above.
Just the implicit intensity of motherhood,
That no one can really put into words or prepare you for until you're in it and wondering if you're up for it.
And then suddenly you want to apologize to every single mother you judged in the past, before you knew.
You'll become obsessed,
Feeding schedules
Sleep schedules
Listen and learn your babys language,
Try to not dull your super power mama, your own intuition.
You will reach your limits,
Of exhaustion
Sleep deprivation
Of no time out
You will desperately want someone to take over.
I hope you have that village you absolutely deserve.
We were not designed to do this alone.
The waves of motherhood will keep washing over you mama,
Keep coming up for air
Until one day, you'll realize,
Its possible.
You are no longer the boat,
Getting tossed around,
You are the ocean.
You are the waves.
And far out you are beautiful.

By our beautiful contributing writer - HannaH Findlay.

You can read more of her work over on her Instagram page: