There's more than one way to raise a baby.

Here’s the thing,

If you breast fed your baby, that’s amazing it’s a big commitment and no easy task, it’s also a beautiful way to bond, well done you.

If you bottle fed your baby, how beautiful that Dad also gets to bond with baby, pumping/ formula whatever you’re doing it can be time consuming and bloody hard work, well done you.

If you took a long time off for maternity leave, that’s really selfless to leave your career to stay at home with your baby, it’s one heck of a job and they’re lucky to have you home with them, well done you.

If you went back to your job earlier than planned because you had to or wanted to, the juggle is REAL. It’s hard when they’re so young but good on you for getting on with it and earning enough to give them the things they need, so much respect, well done you.

If you’re a single mum, you’re honestly superwoman, I have no words, your child will admire you and even though you may not feel strong you are incredible, well done you.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s not easy nurturing a relationship when you have a new baby, getting through those hard early days are tough, but if you come out the other side stronger than ever, well done you. .

You had your kids close together, that must have been hard on your body and tough to balance the two so young, but they’ll grow up so close, well done you.

You have a big age gap between your kids, must have been nice getting to spend as much time as possible with your firstborn and prioritise some other things in your life first, now to remember all those newborn things all over again! Well done you.

You make all their food from scratch, lucky kids, well done you.

You buy their food from the supermarket, lucky kids, well done you.

There’s more than one way to raise a baby and we’re all doing the best we can.
If you do it with love, then well done you x

Written by our beautiful contributing writer Jess Urlichs.

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