One day my turn will come, to have a magazine worthy house, we're making memories excuse the dust.

In this house...

We do ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’,
‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you’.
Kind words are softly spoken,
with promises not easily broken.

We do chicken nugget dinners,
and hot soapy bubble baths.
You’ll see nudie runs down hallways,
to awaiting flannelette pajamas.

We jump cautiously in puddles,
giggling until our belly’s hurt. 
We live in gumboots to aid our pine cone 
collecting missions through the forest dirt.

We stay outside until the stars appear,
then watch movies that invoke silent tears.
We cuddle under blankets with popcorn,
I love that this life has become the norm.

We lick ice cream bowls and mixing spoons.
We create impromptu living room dance parties, even though Dad can’t sing in tune.

We do gentle hands,
And play music loud.
Please don’t be offended,
when we prefer our own company to a crowd.

We’re so busy making memories that you’ll have to excuse the dust. If you come for a visit, averting your eyes is a must.

You see I do the basics but really don’t have time to clean, the cobwebs can simply wait.
My children are growing before our eyes, the goal is to make their memories great.

One day they’ll be big and won’t need us that much. I’ll remember so fondly, their tiny hand in my clutch. Right now they’re small and reliant on me. It’s beautiful but exhausting with patience being key.

So despite the mess and chaotic noise,
there’s definitely no shortage of laughs.
I may lose my shit from time to time,
only to be defused by the boys silly farts.

One day my turn will come, 
to have a magazine worthy house.
I’m currently thankful for my rowdy abode,
even though it’s anything but quiet as a mouse.

So for now you’ll find us here,
snuggled up watching movies.
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
than in our home with these wee beauties.

By our beautiful contributing writer Lacey Owen.