Self Care Morning Routine

Step by step helpful ways we can begin our morning with a little self care.

Whatever pace we choose to begin our day with our children will follow suit. - TMP

  1. Wake up and don’t look at your phone. (If you set an alarm which for the majority of us an alarm is our children, BUT if you do, set it to gentle music - like ENYA.)

  2. Put your dressing gown on and slippers. (Invest in a fluffy one, there is nothing better than waking up after possibly a wakeful night with children and being able to put on a fluffy dressing gown and comfortable slippers.)

  3. Go to a window and open it or walk straight outside - let the cool air hit your nostrils and face. Take in 5 deep breathes through your nose and breathe it out through your mouth.

  4. Be present and mindful in this moment. Notice the lighting, the dew or frost on the grass, and the sounds. Turn your senses on, what do you smell/see/hear? As you step away from the window, work on maintaining the mindful state, whether you have a child telling you they need breakfast or you have a baby on your hip, being mindful is still possible.

  5. Show gratitude - In this moment after practicing this mindful state, give thanks for this new day, a day you have been fortunate enough to wake up to with your family by your side, show gratitude by smiling inwardly to yourself and outwardly to your family, passing on this contagious energy.

  6. Create a positive affirmation to repeat to keep you on track.

    For Ex.’ I have all that I need to make today a great day.’

    ‘I acknowledge my own self-worth; my self-confidence is rising.’

    Or simply: ‘Today is a great day.’

  7. Breakfast - Eat something nutritious, wholesome and something that will fill you up, not just coffee! Be mindful as you take each bite and chew, being aware of textures and flavours, Enjoy.

    If you have made it to STEP 7 you have done well! For many mothers the routine of the day takes over now of unloading dishwasher/clothing children, washing, try and remain mindful in each of these tasks. Make sure if you enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee, try and sit down in your favourite chair and drink it, connect with your children.

    Whatever pace we choose to begin our day with our children will follow suit.

  8. Exercise and Meditate - Anywhere between 5 - 20 mins for meditation and 15 - 30mins for exercise. (We are aware the exercise/meditation may need to wait until later/evening just make sure it’s scheduled in around 3 times a week.

  9. Shower - and look after your skin, have a good cleansing routine with a good sunscreen for the day.

  10. Stay mindful, be grateful and enjoy this beautiful day.