Self Care 'Hour of Power'

Your task this week is to book in a ‘Hour of Power.’

This means AT LEAST 60 minutes dedicated TO YOU, FOR YOU AND ALL ABOUT YOU. This is something we need to be doing daily not sporadically, these don’t need to big long appointments, around 60 minutes is ideal. So if you’re doing Jen’s HIIT workouts you’ve got 20 mins of this covered, what’s the other 40 minutes going to be?

Many of us are not great at doing our ‘Mini Me Moments’ let alone the crucial self care times that last for an hour or more, as these are generally the first to fall down the list if not completely off it, WELL NOT ANYMORE. Give back to yourself, It is incredibly hard to pick yourself up again once you are close to empty. Be patient with yourself, keep your dreams alive, and treat yourself with the love and compassion that you show everyone else. Being a mother is a big big thing, children have big needs and big feelings. So we need some big chunks of time to restore ourselves and this should really be done DAILY.

Book it in now, pop it in the shared Family calendar, text your husband your plans and text a friend to lock it in:

Need some ideas for your ‘HOUR OF POWER?’ See below:

(TV doesn’t count - no screen time)

  • Reading your favourite book, on your favourite chair, with a HOT cup of tea/coffee or cold drink.

  • One hour strenuous walk with headphones and all your favourite playlist or podcast.

  • Date night or girls night.

  • Bath/spa, candles, essential oils - you get the idea.

  • Reflexology, massage, facial appointment

  • Creative - painting, drawing, picking flowers and creating a bouquet, playing piano/guitar

  • Shopping - for yourself (NOT THE SUPERMARKET OR FOR THE KIDS!)

  • Meditate - You can find our meditations are “HERE”

  • These self care times aren’t always about going to a spa treatment, it could be booking a cleaner, saying NO to things that don’t serve your purpose or feel right, OR saying YES to requests that distract us from the daily grind and especially saying YES to help.

You owe yourself one hour a day of self maintenance. It can include reading, writing, yoga, meditation, painting or whatever, but you owe it to yourself. One hour, 1/24 of your day. That’s less then 5%. It matters, it really does. Make it count. - Unknown.

Ashley Eder - a psychotherapist said the following about a mother and child’s relationship in an article, By Margarita, Tartakovsky, MS.

‘Your relationship with your child isn’t just symbiotic; it’s parasitic, That’s because it isn’t a mutual relationship.

“Yes, your children are — adorable [and] beloved — parasites, and you are the host, and that’s normal and healthy…

“The survival of a parasite is dependent upon the health of the host.”

What Eder is saying here is that by sacrificing our needs for our child’s needs doe not serve either of us.

“It is better for your kids if you have periods of unavailability that increase your presence later on, than for you to be partially available at all times.”

To read the full article see link below: BUT NOT BEFORE YOU BOOK IN YOUR OWN ‘HOUR OF POWER.’