Holistic Tip: Amp Up Your Sense Of Fulfillment.

If your body stayed exactly the way it is now, would you be happy?

We know growth & development is important but consistently wanting to change because we think we are not enough or need more puts us in a constant place of lack which with detracts from our health and quality of life.

But, if you set intentions from a place of love and gratitude we are are likely to feel fulfilment. So instead of eating in a way to lose weight or fix your ‘flaws’ eat to nourish your temple and to be the healthiest version you can be. Shift your focus to building up the good stuff instead of trying to change what you don’t like.

  1. Start with your mind chatter, somethings that we tell ourselves are so harsh, we would never say it to our best friend so why do we think its acceptable to say it to ourselves. Use positive affirmations like “I am healthy”, “I am beautiful”, “I am enough just the way I am” in replace of “I am fat” or “I am old”. This takes practise but over time you can train your brain to say positive thoughts.

  2. Recognise the miracle your body is! Your body has carried you through life, it has grown & birthed children (either naturally or via the sun roof) & has given you the gift of life. It is easy to take all of that for granted but when you stop and really appreciate how miraculous your body truly is, we should be in awe of ourselves irrelevant of its size & shape. Every morning look in the mirror & give your self just 1 compliment.

  3. Hold yourself high. Actually do it, lift your head, shoulders back and watch your confidence & energy beam from your beautiful face. How we hold ourselves can truly impact our self esteem. When your slumped down with your head hanging low you’ll naturally feel lethargic and unworthy. When you hold yourself high with your shoulders back this sends feedback to your nervous system that you are safe & well.

When we set intentions from a place of love and fulfilment they’re often long lasting & empowering. When you make a decision to eat more vegetables or drink less coffee, it needs to come from a place of gratitude & acceptance of who you are now. Care deeply for yourself & love yourself accordingly.

Gina xx