Decluttering your pantry

Packets, jars, cans shoved willy nilly to a space in your pantry can really affect your choice of food.

We know stocking healthy food is ultimately going to predict what your putting in your mouth, but, an organised pantry & fridge is a critical component. Decluttering and organising your kitchen will have a significant psychological impact on your food choices.

“An Australian-U.S. study conducted by Lenny Vartarian et al. (2017) showed that people will actually eat more cookies and snacks if the environment in which they’re offered a choice of foods is chaotic, and they’re led to feel stressed. When the experimental kitchen in which participants were tested was disorganized and messy, and they were put in a low self-control mindset, students in the Cornell University lab ate twice as many cookies as those in a standard, non-chaotic kitchen. In other words, you’ll reach more for the sweets in a cluttered setting when you’re feeling out of control.

I encourage a visit to Kmart, purchase a bunch of jars & ditch all the packets in your pantry. Move from clutter to clarity in your kitchen, a clean and organised home can actually lead to improved mental health and a better mindset.

Gina x