My darling, you're fortunate to have the very best Daddy.

My darling, you're fortunate to have the very best Daddy.

He won’t ever know the feeling of your tiny body wriggling inside his belly reminding him of your increasing presence, but he eagerly placed his giant hands on Mummy’s stomach in an attempt to connect with you.

His internal organs weren’t rearranged to accomodate your growing body but now you’re here, the sound of his beating heart placates you just perfectly.

He’ll never know the excruciating pain my body endured to bring you safely earth side but you can be damned sure he stood by Mummy supporting in whichever way he could.

He didn’t have the chance to experience the immediate all consuming love as oxytocin flooded his system but he did experience a new kind of love; an indescribable love just for you, and a new sense of appreciation for me.

He wasn’t required to provide your nutrition at any given moment. He didn’t have to contend with cracked bleeding nipples, thrush, or mastitis requiring hospitalisation but he was always there. To rock you as I showered, to pace you back and forth as I napped, to wipe my tears and breathe life back into me when it all felt too much.

He’s the master of engulfing bear hugs that take your breath away. He’s the best at giving slobbery kisses invoking squeals of delight. He revels in your giggly gasps as he throws you sky high aiming for the stars. He’s everything Mummy isn’t and because of that, together we’re the perfect pair for you.

So no, you may not have grown inside of him, but little one oh how he adores you so.

How you possess his heart so completely. How he’d give his life for yours undoubtedly.

How when he looks at you, his mini replica, he’s absolutely over the moon.

How witnessing you flourish into the wonderful being you are, is and will always be his life’s greatest achievement.

My Darling, you’re fortunate to have the very best Daddy, and it’s true, you simply couldn’t be more loved.

From our beautiful contributing writer Lacey Owen.

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