It's ok if you don't want to wear these stripes like badge of honour.

It's ok if you don't want to wear these stripes like a badge of honour.

It's ok to not love the scars that gave you your daughter.

It's ok to not feel grateful for them in spite of the women who pray for them.

It's ok to look in the mirror and not recognize this body and wonder if these negative thoughts you'll overcome.

It's ok to rub oils and creams into your skin in the hope of minimizing the stretch, the scar, the sag.

It's ok to want to give in and hopelessly in defeat, wave the white flag.

But I simply ask that you try.

To place a hand on your belly and not want to cry.

Your worth is not wrapped up in this skin.

There is so much more to you and it starts within.

So next time you want to flinch at the sight, touch, memory of your stomach.

Remember that this journey it doesn't end at a summit.

It's a daily walk alongside yourself until one day you look in the mirror and see just a slither.

It's a small glimpse into the joy of what it feels like to love your body vs being at war with her.

And friend, not everyday will feel this way, but the good days will become more and more until you realise there's a lot more than worrying about this body, that's worth living for.

Written by HannaH Findlay, our beautiful contributing writer for The Motherhood Project.

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