Managing Stress as a Mother: 1 min, 5min & 10 min De-stresses.

Managing Stress: 1 min, 5min & 10 min De-stresses.

Helpful & Practical 1 min, 5 min and 10 min de-stresses to add into your day.  

1 min de-stresses:

Walk straight outside to nature – Take 5 deep breaths and breathe in the mother nature’s energy.

If you can’t walk straight outside – Put a hand on your belly and one of your heart, breathe in and fill your belly up with air allowing your hand to move outwards with your belly. Make sure your top hand doesn’t move. Do this for 3-5 breaths – this is called Diaphragmatic Breathing – or Belly Breathing.

Drink a large glass of water: So many of us forget to drink and get dehydrated. We end up with a headache, fatigued and by 3pm instead of grabbing healthy treats we grab the chocolate. Get a huge glass of water, squeeze some lemon in it and drink it all. It will also make you stop, stand and breathe. If you’re breastfeeding this is particularly important.

Gratitude – Try and see if you can name 5 things you are grateful for – really mean them. It is amazing what happens with our brains when we focus on something intensely the rest seems to fall away.

Create a sign with your family when you need to walk away and take a moment – this might be a T sign with your hands like a timeout sign. Known to give me a moment.

Breathe in for 4, hold for 4 and breathe out for 4 – do this as long as you need until you feel calm.

5 min de-stresses:

Pick up a book, (not your phone) Lineé mentioned in a previous article that reading for around 5 minutes can calm our nervous systems dramatically.

Write it down – exactly what is wrong, what has happened and why you are feeling frustrated. Allow it to pour out of you.

5 minutes Decluttering Calming Meditation:

10 min de-stresses:

Have a shower if you can - water is incredibly cleansing of energy that no longer serves you.

Do a blast workout on our website portal created by our fitness coach Jen:

Reducing Stress Meditation:

Belly breathing – Diaphragmatic Breathing technique meditation – 8 mins.

Loving Kindness Meditation – 9 minutes long.

Body Scan Meditation – 7.30 minutes long.

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