Self Care - 7 self inquiry questions

3-5 minute Exercise.

No need to write anything, grab a hot drink and your favourite chair for 3-5mins.

7 x Self Inquiry Questions to ask yourself.

Using ‘Self Inquiry’ by asking ourselves the questions will uncover ways in which we are helping and hindering ourselves. You have the answers not us. We truly have all the skills inside us already, asking ourselves key questions can help gain the clarity we need.

  1. Why does self care matter?

  2. What self care do I do for myself now? See if you can name 10.

  3. Why should it be a priority of mine?

  4. What activities bring me joy?

  5. What short 5-10 minute activities bring me joy?

  6. What longer activities (60 mins or more) bring me joy?

  7. Where in my schedule can I fit it in?

ACTION -Go to your calendar and schedule it in…NOW.