Dads Matter Too.

Dads Matter Too.

I know you think I never see

All those little things you do

And I know how you hate poetry

But this one's just for you

Your mornings are a long goodbye

With all the warmth that you can find

You're always racing out the door

You never get to work on time

You gently push him

To try the new

And daring things

I never do

The bigger slides

And scary rides

He has a lot more

Fun with you

You're the best giddy upper

You're a human climbing frame

He sees you a lot less than me

But he loves you just the same

You do the funniest voices

And all the farmyard noises

Even though you hate to read

You break all the rules

You're much more cool

You're the good cop

Compared to me

And every night

You burst through the door

With arms open wide

Even when your days been shit

Coat off

Bag down

Straight in the lounge

To empty out the stickle bricks

You carry him around for hours

Just because he's asked you to

You've acquired these sudden biceps

(Yes. I noticed those too) 

So. Yes I see all that you are

And all the ways that he loves you

But I wrote these words

For everyone


Dads matter too.

By the talented Karen McMillan from

Image by the beautiful