Mama, when you feel pushed to no end, I see beauty and bravery.

Dear friend,

I see you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I see you holding back the tears. 

I see your exhaustion and know your edge is near.

I get some days you have to force yourself out of bed.

I know at times you want to scream but all you can do is cry.

I know right now you barely know your why.

I get your frustration and I know you feel tested.

Your patience thin due to being so unrested.

I feel your guilt and it runs deep. 

I know sometimes the road just seems too steep. 

I understand some days the burden feels too big to bear.

I know there are times you feel alone and scared. 

Friend, you don’t have to say anything for me to see your fear.

Your job is so unmeasured, sometimes it feels like no one cares.

But if only you could see yourself through my eyes, I think you’d be rather surprised.

I see beauty and bravery and so much glow. 

Even on the worst days you’re still doing better than anyone I know. 

So, while somedays you feel pushed to no end.

Just know I see you and I am here for you my friend. 

By our gorgeous contributing writer Lou Marx . You can find more of her work over at:

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