Please baby, don't ever change.

Please baby, don't ever change.

Little love,

Please don’t ever change. The world needs you just as you are…

Eyes that sparkle and melt your mummy’s heart.

A smile that wraps around your chubby cheeks for no reason other than being.

A body that beats, and moves and breathes, and is perfect just the way it is.

A mind that’s already so creative and bold and strong that it has and will go on to impact so many lives as it expresses its unique talents, gifts and abilities.

A spirit that inherently knows what it is here to do, and has all the answers of the universe weaved into it.

My darling, know that you never need to change.

Keep seeing the world through new and fresh and curious eyes.

Know that while you will grow, you don’t have to grow ‘up’ and into society’s belief of what you ‘should’ be.

Protect that inner knowingness that anything and everything is possible – that you are a limitless being with power that can only be expanded into endless potential towards the things that speak to you the most.

Cherish your imagination as it will go on to manifest all your dreams into reality.

And while your forms of communication may evolve, my precious baby, please always make sure you continue to ask for what you need.

Trust yourself, just as you do now.

Remember that peace, and happiness and connection are not things ‘out there’ but always are and will be within you. You have access to this space at any time.

And like you inherently know, never forget that being is more important than doing.

My babe, the essence of you is so perfectly orchestrated by Mother Nature.

So don’t ever change…the world needs you just as you are. You’re are a flawless miracle, who’s reach is destined to go far.

By our beautiful contributing writer Lou Marx. @Lou_marx_

Image by the talented Elle Pierce. @shelovedfiercephotography