Mama - Your Body.

Your loving arms have picked up, put down, carried, cuddled, hugged, comforted, jigged.
They’ve remained welcoming through all life’s trials and when open, provide the most perfect comfort your child will ever know.

Your legs have paced hospital corridors, ran through supermarket aisles, dawdled footpaths, skipped along beaches and quivered under their weight up mountains. You have been blessed with the ability to run around after your children. Despite set backs and knock downs you persist in stepping up each and every day. You continue to place one foot in front of the other.

Your mouth has sung them to sleep. Kissed grazed knees new again. Blown raspberries on bare belly’s. Covered the spectrum of spoken language from berating words through to praise in its highest form; always finishing the day with a whispered ‘I love you’.

Your heart pounding loudly reminding you how lucky you are to simply be alive. An organ that knows no limit. No boundary. Quite literally providing the lifeline for not only yourself but your baby as they grew nestled within. Listening intently to your beat, the first rhythm they ever knew. It’s capable of coping. Coping with enormous pressure, ache, guilt, all the while bursting at the seams with love.

Your gasping lungs. Deep breaths in and out steadying your burning chest, calming your rattled nerves. Allowing you to birth your baby earth side then inhale that unforgettable newborn scent.

Your tummy may be floppy but it now provides a more comfy pillow. As they gently smack your squish, it’s the most fascinating toy in the world to them, not even a proper drum set could compete. Your skin is stripy. Pitted, stretched beyond belief. All evidence of their existence. The beginning of their journey within you, months before your arms could embrace them.

Your hips are wider now enabling a steady stance to rock and sway until their eyes lids grow heavy, welcoming dreamland.

Intrinsic hormones adapting to the ebb and flow of your sensitive newborns’ needs. Pay close attention and listen to your body. Give in to the tears, both yours and bubs.

It’s so easy to focus on imperfections. It’s so easy to overlook the positives. Never mind the fact you’ve grown and birthed an entire human!

It doesn’t matter what the bathroom scales reveal. It doesn’t matter what number the coat hanger discloses.

Your body may not be desirable in your mind, but don’t forget those little people you bought into this world so courageously. They’re watching you in complete adoration.
Your precious bundle didn’t know your previous body. Their tiny eyes see their current and only home. Your body is their world.

Don’t you see Mumma?
You have no faults.
You have no flaws.
You’re their definition of perfection.
And that’s all that really matters.

YOU are enough!
Just exactly as you are.

From our incredible contributing writer Lacey Owen. You can check out more of her work over at Laced with Love

Photo by Twig & Thistle Photography