Birth Choices

‘Birth Choices.
Make it for yourself.
Not to impress anyone.
Not to belittle anyone.
Not to prove a point to anyone.
Do not fear people’s judgement because they’re the ones making the error, not you.

Induction: You’d like to get that baby out, hey? Or maybe you just medically NEED to. I admire your excitement.

Spontaneous Labour: You want to wait for your baby to come when your body decides it’s ready. Keep up the suspense! I admire your patience.

Elective Cesarean: You’re avoiding labour and you can be perfectly prepared by knowing your baby’s arrival date! I admire your preparation.

Emergency Cesarean: I’m sorry your labour was taken out of your hands, but I know you’ll do whatever it takes. I admire your grace.

Epidural: Take that pain away girlfriend, and have a rest before pushing. I admire your strategy.

Drug Free: Wow. You get to experience everything labour is about. I admire your determination.

Women who induce are not lazy, they have their reasons.
Women who go overdue are not crazy, they have their reasons.
Women who opt for a ceaser are not too posh to push, they have their reasons.
Women who need an emergency cesarean have not failed at birth, they have their reasons.
Women who ask for drugs are not weak, they have their reasons.
Women who go completely natural aren’t stupid, they have their reasons.

I’ve heard so much judgement on other women’s birth choices lately. It is their baby and their body, yet this obvious point seems to be overlooked. Every choice has pros and cons, risks and benefits. It is not a one size fits all. So whatever helps you be calm and enjoy the experience, and still keeps baby safe, then go for it! 💪🏻
ANY woman who gets their baby from the inside to the outside is a fucking champion. 🏆’

Image and words by the beautiful @jessie.juggles.two .