In Pursuit of a Nap.


If you ever see a mum 

Pacing with a pram nearby

With her head bowed down

Can't quite look you in the eye

Don't boom a loud hello 

Or stop her for a chat

Just let her walk on by

She's in pursuit of a nap

The hours that she's wasted 

Chasing down this nap

The mileage she's accrued

The pavements that she's lapped

She's getting quite the pro now

The warning signs, she's learned

Any of the usual suspects

And she'll make a sharp U-turn

A gaggle of giggling teenagers

Blissfully ignorant to her woes

A sharply dressed businessman

About to blow his nose

The murmur of the playground

With the odd erratic scream

A self-service checkout

Talking machines!

All these noise-making clowns

Trying to stall his dreams

Can't they just pipe down

Don't they know it's almost three

She's made real progress

She even got a yawn

His eyes were closing over

Until you beeped your bloody horn

Poem by our amazing contributing writer: Karen McMillan

Image by the gorgeous Angelick Pictures: