Bite your tongue.

Bite Your Tongue.

If there's one phrase I need to work on dropping from my vocabulary, (and no it's not 'for f***s sake', although in all honesty it should be that too); I wish I could stop myself from saying 'Hurry up'.

'Hurry up and eat your breakfast'.
'Hurry up and put your shoes on'.
'Hurry up and get in your car seat'.
'Hurry up and eat your dinner'.
'Hurry up and get in the bath'.
'Hurry up and go to sleep'.

Despite the innocent connotation behind them, I've come to realise how damaging they are and as the kids grow older I've caught myself repeating it time and time again. 

And it needs to stop. 

There's no malice behind these words, no hint of sarcasm or sense of belittlement, just an exasperated Mum trying to make it to multiple drops offs before work at 8.30am with hair still attached to her head! 

I'm not a patient person at the best of times and becoming a Mum certainly hasn't cured that. But they're only little for such a short amount of time and I need to step back and appreciate the beauty in everyday menial tasks, however slow they go. 

Truth be told, I don't want anything to hurry up. I don't want life to fly by, it goes fast enough as it is without me giving it an extra boost. I don't want to sit as an old woman all alone because I've caused the mindset that we must rush and be constantly on the move. Saving five minutes now might cost me later on in life in more ways than I could possibly know.

So tomorrow as I observe my fiercely independent children putting their shoes on at a snails pace, I will bite my tongue. One day, all too soon, the tables will be harshly turned. I'll be an elderly woman with deep lines etched on my face and arthritic fingers struggling in frustration with my shoe laces. 

I can only hope they don't repeat my own words 💕

By Lacey Owen.

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