Pause - One for the Toolbox.

Pause – One for the Toolbox.

Fulfillment can come from witnessing our own growth – but if we don’t allow ourselves to pause and take a moment, how will we realize how far we have actually come? 

When we are able to hit the pause button and reflect on the substantial changes in our lives, we can often feel a sense of meaning and purpose.

Remember that you once dreamed of being where you are now. Your life isn’t perfect right now, no-ones is. There are areas of your life now that you may take for granted but didn’t previously.

One minute exercise: Try and name 5 things you used to wish for that you have now and can often take for granted.

Let’s push pause and bring awareness…

This might be:

Have children and start a family

Have a close group of friends (who are like family)

Live close to family

Own a home

Financially secure

Live in a safe country 

Finally: Taking things for granted.

Here is a great tip from Gina our Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness Expert about not taking things for granted. Imagine you lost everything in your life in an instant, they just disappeared.

How would you feel?

How much would you want it back?

Take a moment to think about all that you would miss.

Then imagine it being returned to you – how much do you appreciate it now?

This exercise can be quite confronting as well as liberating.