A Healthy Mindset - Fulfilment is our birthright.

A Healthy Mindset.

Whatever we put out to the world – through thoughts, intentions, beliefs and actions, we get back - It’s the law.

Whether it’s positive or negative, every cell in our body is listening to us. Once we intend to nourish ourselves, our cells literally open up, and when we back up our intentions with a powerful belief we are speeding up and accelerating the whole process.

The secret is to believe you deserve it, and here’s why:

Fulfillment is your birthright – it is the gift your true self can give you. You are worthy, whole and ENOUGH just because you are here. I ask you to open up the powerful belief that you are 100% whole and complete just the way you are.

 Whether we choose a positive or negative frame of mind (mindset) our cells and body reacts in a holistic way – our mind body connection is incredibly strong.

Do you believe from a place of LACK or from a place of ABUNDANCE.  

Mindset of Lack:

“We don’t ever go anywhere.”

“I never have any time for myself,”

“My children are always sick”

“Why is everything so hard all the time”


 Mindset of Abundance and Fulfillment

“There is always enough time” -This one a favourite, it can stop the rushing mentality.

“My children are getting stronger and healthier every day.”

“There is plenty for everyone.”

“I have everything I need to feel at peace in this moment”

“I find fulfillment in simplicity.”  

Create an affirmation for yourself right now or choose one above that works for your current situation – no more than 10 - 12 words – the shorter the better. (So it’s easy to remember.)

Take it with you everywhere you go. Tape them on your mirror, make them your phone screensaver.

(My current screensaver is ‘Thankyou Universe for your divine guidance. I trust in the process.’) 

Here is one I have used over the years:

‘I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.’

You are perfect mama, just as you are x