Simplifying your online world...Part Two

PART TWO - Decluttering your online world.

Following on from our online world decluttering exercise last week…


We can also declutter and simplify our minds by removing unnecessary people (yes people) from our lives that we don’t have any connection to us anymore yet we still have them as ‘online friends.’

As mothers we have such a limited time that is ‘OUR TIME.’ This can sometimes only be 10 minutes a day! When you check in with your online social media do you want to be scrolling through posts and posts about someone you went to primary school that you haven’t spoken to or seen for 15 years and you never really spoke to them when you were in primary school? Here are a few more tips for valuing and decluttering your online social media pages…

-       Go to your Facebook friends and ask yourself these questions:

  1. If you passed this person on the street – would you say hello? Would you stop and chat? If NOT – You know what to do.  

Same applies to groups, are you part of group chats or groups that are taking up your timeline unnecessarily.


If you have Instagram you will understand it is a little different to Facebook, we follow people that we don’t know because they enrich and add value to our lives. Which is exactly what you need to ask yourself….

-       Go to your Instagram account, to the people you follow: Ask yourself these questions:

Do I know this person and would I stop and talk to them on the street?

If I don’t know them – Do they inspire me? Motivate me? Interest me?

If NOT – You know what to do.


-       Photos – Are you someone that has 5000+ photos on your phone? Are they stored on Icloud or google? Is that getting full?

Here are some ideas to consider:

-       Save all your photos to a large hard-drive so you can free up your photo of 1000 of photos.

-       Do the same for your videos.

-       Get books printed directly from your phone of your favourite photos of the month – delete all the ones that didn’t make the cut.

  • Go through your photos from the start and delete all the ‘negatives.’

How freeing does that feel?! Let us know how you feel.

Gemma - NLP Practitioner, TMP Village.