Simplifying your online world...Part One

Part One: Simplifying your online world by first freeing up your inbox.

Why start here? Because many of us (like when we receive a text message) have an alert when we get an email, or we see a notification of a new email when we open our phone. Email has to power to distract us from what we really want to be doing. If it’s an email of very little value or work when you’re not working this can cause frustration or even anxiety to build – so let’s deal with this head on.


  • How many emails do you have coming into your inbox daily? Are you one of those that have 20-1023 unread emails?

  • Have you signed up to too many ‘mailing lists’?

  • How often do you check emails a day?

  • Go to your inbox now – with the top 20 emails ask yourself the following:

-       Did it give me joy when I saw the email or did it sit there unopened or should I have deleted it straight away? If it was the latter – UNSUBSCRIBE / DELETE.

SET UP EMAIL FOLDERS – (you may need to do this from your desktop)
Headings such as:





2 x EMAIL CHALLENGES for you this month.

1.     For the rest of the month when you check your emails go to each email and ask yourself if it sparks joy, if it is, store it in an appropriate email folder you have created, if not? UNSUBSCRIBE AND DELETE.

2.     Schedule in two times a day (3 if you have to) to check your emails. 9am and 3pm  (8pm for the 3rd) This is a great technique taken from ‘4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss - if you haven’t read it we suggest you do!

Gemma - NLP Practitioner, TMP Village.