Modelling behaviour - NLP Technique

Modelling - A NLP Technique. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

One of the foundation techniques that NLP has been built on and become well known for is the ‘modelling’ technique - and we as mothers can do it too.

 Modelling is the process of recreating excellence – It is achieving an outcome we would like to see for ourselves so we study someone else because they are experts at it.

Modelling is something we’ve done since we’ve been born. We modelled our behaviour from our parents actions– we copied how they smiled, waved, clapped and talked. This continues throughout our whole lives. When we become adults if we want to succeed in something specifically we need to focus on it and become aware of each step to achieve success. This is where the NLP technique of modelling comes in.

Find someone who lives a minimalist, simple, free, decluttered lifestyle and mimic what they are doing. It maybe your best mum friend, someone on your social media feed, a blog or your Aunty- these people become the ‘expert.’

Identify what it is that you like about that person’s decluttered life that you want.

  • Is it their minimalist home?

  • Or their decluttered days and weeks without all of the extra-curricular activities you all HAVE TO DO?

  • Or is it their mindset, do they just seem carefree, calm, not frantic or busy with too many thoughts?

Whatever it is identify someone (online or community) in your life that you would like to model their behaviour in some way.

If you know them well enough ask them some questions: What made you change your lifestyle to this? Were you always like this? What was the process you went through to get to this stage?

Without being too much like a stalker : Observe the model…

What are some of their common behaviours that contribute to this success?

How are they doing these? What strategies are they using?

Why are they doing this? Beliefs and habits.

What are the differences between me and them? (with regards to the decluttering area of your life you’d like to model)

What small change can I implement into my life now that I can practice doing this month to help turn it into a habit?

How will I measure my results? (For ex. Check in every week, refer back to the differences notes I made, to see if I am still implementing my ‘habit.’)

What does it look like and feel like once my small change because a habit of mine?

(For ex. Calm, free, clean, open spaces…)

Put reminders for you around to help you implement the habit. On your phone screensaver, an affirmation written on a whiteboard, tell your husband for accountability…

CELEBRATE that simplifying/decluttering habit you have chosen to model and create in your life.

Even better share it with us below in the comments!

Gem - NLP Practitioner, TMP Village.