Decluttering Self Inquiry Questions - 3-5 min exercise.

Week 1: Decluttering 7 self inquiry questions.

3-5 minute exercise.

1.     What words come to mind when you think of decluttering? (Simplifying, freedom, clean…)

2.     What part of my life could do with decluttering the most? These don’t have to be material things. For Ex: My thoughts, online space, bedroom, office, children’s bedrooms, kitchen cupboards, pantry.

See if you can name 5:

3.     What feelings come to mind now when you think of decluttering?

4.     If you were decluttering a physical space where could you take the extra items?

(If we haven’t thought this through these piles can sit in a spare room, corner or boot of a car for weeks and can cause more stress than necessary) Women’s Refuge? Sell it?

5.     When in my day, week or month can I schedule in some time to declutter…

Go to your calendar (on your phone) and schedule it in/write it on your to do list.

6.     Feel free to try one of our meditations around this topic of decluttering:

Meditations such as:

1.     Releasing your thoughts. Link:

2.     Slowing Down Mantra meditation. Link: