What is NLP?


In TMP Village and specifically in the area of Personal Development there will be NLP referenced and incorporated into some exercises.

So what is it?

NLP is a methodology that was formulated in the early 1970’s by two men, Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Why is it needed?

The purpose of NLP is to provide us with a practical set of models, skills & useful techniques to enable us to see choice and to ultimate enhance the quality of life.  

How can help us in Motherhood?

It can help with our mindset. We can learn how to use the language of the mind ‘ way we think & those conversations that go on up there’ to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. Often described as the ‘owner’s manual’ for our brains – it helps us understand both the beneficial and negative patterns our brains have. Providing us with the tools to allow us to re-program the negative into positive.

NLP is used predominantly for personal development.

-       Neuro refers to our neurology, and how we experience the world through our five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste, hear, which creates our experience in the world.

-       Linguistic is the way we assign language to make meaning of an experience. It refers to the insights we can gather from the language people use, our internal dialogue and communication. Our language determines how we interact and communicate with others as well as the internal dialogue, how we talk to ourselves.  

-       Programming is the result and behaviour of our experience and the meaning we assign to it. It refers to our behaviours, patterns, triggers and habits that cause us to act in a certain way.  

As mothers we are often dealing with many extreme situations and emotions.   If you would like to start to see situations or try and feel emotions differently - from a more positive perspective, NLP is for you. The techniques and tools we will share with you will certainly help. Balancing out the way we respond to life’s challenges will assist in the day to day journey of being a mother.