A few tips for beginner meditators:

The goal of meditation is not to try & control or suppress our thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control us. The beauty of our mind is that it is trainable & malleable. We can update our ‘software’ & we can literally change our mindset. Meditation, mindfulness & the right tips and strategies can all help recode our brains if we make a habit of it.

Our TMP Village meditations are simple and uncomplicated, because meditating within your comfort zone is important.

  • Ask yourself the question - Why am I meditating? This sets an intention for your practice, something you want to get out of it.

  • Hardest thing for us to do when we start out meditating is to establish a regular routine - this is particularly hard when you're a mum. Set yourself a realistic goal of how many times a week you think you can do it and stick to it. You won't regret it and I promise you'll want to do it more.

  • Meditating in the same place each day is helpful, as we begin to associate it with our practice. It could be corner of a room, spare room if you have the luxury or a special mat, pillow/cushion or chair. Although it's important to not HAVE to always meditate in this place. (The car has been a great spot for me at times.)

  • Same time each day is a distinct advantage - first thing in the morning is the best but not always possible with young children. The other good time is before sleep - choosing the relaxation ones of course so it doesn't invigorate you too much.