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Motherhood relationships are a gateway into the world of adulthood, where many of us are craving connection and a chance to be vulnerable. Now is your chance to join your community of mothers in NZ.

Why join:

It is a community made up of working mothers, stay at home mothers, work at home mothers, business owners and to-be mothers in New Zealand. Become a member of The Motherhood Project NZ Community Facebook group, which will enable you to connect with mothers, both personally and professionally. 

+ It's FREE, we genuinely want you to be part of this, with us. We are all on this Motherhood journey together, some further along it than others. That's the beauty of it.  

+ Opportunities to collaborate, connect and celebrate with other mothers through our Facebook Group.

Link to join:

+ Chance to ask questions, gain insight, share your advice and knowledge with many other Mothers in New Zealand. 


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