Gemma Douglas

+ Founder of The Motherhood Project

+ Grad-Dip Teaching

+ Diploma in Coaching

+ NLP Practitioner

+ MusB, Otago University

+ 5 years in the corporate world


+Mother of 3

+Meditation, Mindfulness and Music

I'm a New Zealand mother, just like you, tackling motherhood as best I can.


In this motherhood project, you are first.  

Life is beautiful, it can also be challenging, troublesome and sometimes even tragic. It's not about trying to be happy all the time, its about facing our problems and solving them in the best way by creating better habits and tuning into our superpowers. I believe, through this community, we can encourage each other to live our best lives. I want mothers to discover their own personal bliss, and learn that this doesn't take away from your childrens' lives, it enriches them. Through our motherhood community, events, collaboration, our store, with more to come, I hope you find what you are looking for. 

So, Why the Motherhood Project? 

+ Mothers are incredible beings. We give so much of ourselves, we are hardwired to believe we need to put our children first before everything, even ourselves. The thing is, if we don't look after ourselves, we truly have nothing to give.

+I left the corporate world 5 years ago to be a mother, I worked for a multi-million dollar e-commerce company and bought in over one million dollars in commission for the company in less than a year and won overseas trips as part of my success. I was also chasing my boss's job. I was offered his job the week after I found out I was pregnant with our first child.

Three children later and I don't want to go back. 

+ Motherhood, in a way, broke me and put me back together, differently, in a better way. We all have our struggles, one of mine was dealing with having a sick child. Throughout this stage of my life, I realised the power of mindfulness and meditation, as well as having the right kind of support around me. It also required me to look inward for strength, peace and guidance, not only for myself but for my children and husband. 

+ I have also had powerful mentors and coaches along the way that have asked the right questions that have lead me on this journey. I'm far from the perfect Mum, I don't have it all together all the time, actually far from it, and often show you the very real and imperfect side of my motherhood journey. I juggle family life, like you, I have 3 children, 5 and under, and go through the similar daily battles that comes with motherhood. We have a family business in Hawkes Bay New Zealand and my husband is one of the hardest working people I know. 

'as within, so without.' 

What else...

+ I have a Diploma in Life Coaching through the NZ Institute of Business Studies. An amazing institute that supports, inspires and tests you every step of the way. 

+ A qualified NLP Practitioner.  Neuro-linguistic Programming is used for personal development and success in business. NLP is the study and practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do and once understood, using these practices to get the results you want. 

+ I have a diploma in teaching and taught for 4 years before going travelling and pursuing the corporate world in Auckland. I also have a degree from University of Otago. 

+ A few other bits and bobs, top 24 in NZ Idol the first year in ran. Played netball for the Southern Sting, and I'm originally from the South Island. 

 Motherhood can be just one of your journeys, you may be craving more, destined for more. The world is so accessible now, accessibility allows you to tap into your potential effortlessly. All it may take is making a few key adjustments to your lifestyle. It really can be a reality to strive for that dream, that little niggle, that just won't go away.

Contributing Writers for The Motherhood ProjecT.

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Lacey Owen

Lacey Owen is a busy Mum of three gorgeous children who provide the basis for her blog; experiences along her journey to becoming a Mother and all that Motherhood entails such as miscarriage, birth, ill babies, secondary infertility and raising young children. She works part time as a health professional and is a self confessed crazy cat lady breeding Burmese kittens on her 10 acre property in the winter less north.

You can read more of Lacey's beautiful, real and honest words, over on her blog, as well as featuring on our own TMP blog.


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HannaH Findlay

HannaH Findlay is a first time mum to her daughter McKenzie. After a fertility delay, pregnancy and birth complications followed by a slow post-partum recovery, she felt the need to share her experiences to help others who may also be having a tough time entering motherhood. Firstly, through her Instagram account and more recently she has begun a blog and podcast (yet to be launched) to share her insights and that of others as they navigate motherhood for the first time.

HannaH works with her husband Brent in their Mortgage Advice business, is a Group Fitness Instructor for Les Mills and loves photographing weddings and dogs. She lives in North Canterbury, with Brent and McKenzie on 10 acres with her other "baby", Ruby the Golden Labrador.