Self Care ' Mini Me Moments' Part 2

Part Two - ‘Mini Me Moments’ are little chunks of self care that you can do anywhere, when you only have a moment here or 5 minutes there. These are moments you can do even while you’re children are at home if necessary.

  1. Get those creative juices flowing - Pick up your paint brush, sketching pen, knitting needles, macrame/weaving, guitar (or a very child friendly one - colouring pen and start colouring with your child) This turns on our right brain our creative side it also turns up one of our main senses - Kinesthetic.

  2. Meditate - For 5 - 10 minutes. You can find all of our meditations here. Or close your eyes and take 5 deep breathes. As you breathe out, sigh loudly, emptying out your lungs.

  3. Get physical - Getting short bursts of physical activity into our day has far-reaching implications. (This can be done through our professional HIIT workouts with Jen (around 20 mins) Or simply by going for a walk. Exercise helps us think clearly. Also, stress will drain away as powerful endorphins are released.

  4. Write - Just get a piece of paper and start writing. Another name for this is journalling. If you have a special notebook even better. Once we put pen to paper we are often amazed at what comes out and what begins to make sense once it’s on paper.

YOU MAY HAVE YOUR OWN ‘MINI ME MOMENT’ you already like to do. Here’s your reminder to go do that.

For more ‘Mini-Me Moment’ ideas check out this article below: