Self Care 'Mini Me Moments' Part 1

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first - it means me too.” - L.R.Knost.

As mothers we can sometimes we look at self care as taking away from our children in some way, rationalising that the time we spend on ourselves could be time better spent on chores or errands. It’s more than okay to make ourselves a priority. By looking after ourselves we are ultimately looking after our children’s needs, because we will be operating at a higher more productive frequency.

Part One - These ‘Mini Me Moments’ are little chunks of self care (valuing ourselves) that we can do anywhere, when we only have a moment here or 5-10 minutes there.

Mini Me moments are for when we feel ourselves getting overwhelmed in the moment, we’re trying to cook dinner, bathe the children, hold the clingy child and clean the house, these are the times we throw in a mini me moment if we can, or as soon as possible.

These can be done even while our children are at home if necessary:

  1. Put on one of your favourite songs.

    (This helps change your mindset instantly, and turns up one of your main senses - AUDITORY. It gives you something to focus on and be more mindful of in the moment.

  2. Go straight outside, wherever you are, and walk. Take your shoes off if you can and take your children with you if that’s necessary. Look up at the sky, flowers, grass, leaves.

    (This also turns up one of our main senses - VISUAL. It gives you something to focus on and be more mindful in the moment.

  3. Put on an essential oil - if you have a diffuser.

    (A relaxing or invigorating scent again turns up on of our main senses - SMELL and gives us something to focus on and be more mindful in the moment. )

  4. Indulge with takeaways - Don’t make dinner tonight.

  5. Check in with a loved one - it’s amazing how a phone-call with a sister or close friend can turn our whole mindset around and invigorate us.

Another ‘Mini Me Moment might be saying NO to something that is taking up precious time or saying yes to help. This is important to remember.

Or you may have your OWN mini-me moments you already do - HERE’S THE REMINDER TO DO ONE OF THEM NOW.