Being Enough

So many of us, find ourselves too busy. Too busy, we feel we are giving not enough to our children...not enough nutrition, not enough books, not enough cuddles, not enough songs, not enough time being spent with them.

As mothers, we end up feeling we aren't enough, as humans.  

No-one needs to tell us this, make us feel like this or even hint that we aren't enough. As mothers, we are wired to think this up, all on our own and believe it. 

When we feel we are not enough, we start a belief system stating we are not worthy, worthy of friendships, worthy of time for yourself and worthy of anything 'outside of motherhood.' 

So I found myself asking...were many of us like this before we had children? Did we think we weren't enough then? To be honest, I don't remember and frankly, it doesn't make a difference. Reflecting on my pre baby person, I tend to see her more as an old mate I don't have much in common with anymore, not in a sad or regretful way, I'm thankful for the amazing times we had which led me to here but I don't want to go back to her. So were our brains modified in some way during pregnancy. I have come to the conclusion they were, by a simple thing called love. 

The thing is, we have so much love for these little beings we subconsciously feel there isn't enough left over for ourselves. Mama's, we've got this the wrong way round. If we don't believe we are enough to ourselves, how can we ever believe we are enough to our children? 

Believing you are enough, starts inside...YOU, and this begins with self love. To believe you are enough means you deserve the things you give to others, the pep talks, the hugs, the smiles, the quality time and effort. Motherhood changed us, it doesn't have to consume us, we need to grow just as our children grow with us. Give yourself the love you deserve, our children need to see us shine.