The Motherhood Project Village (TMP Village)



“Taking care of yourself doesn't mean me first, it means me too.”
― L.R. Knost


The Motherhood Project has teamed up with 4 qualified Practitioners to create a programme for you that is easy to join, manage & maintain. We have taken a holistic approach & designed this specifically for the modern mother. The world has changed for the modern mother. Whether you are a working mother, stay at home mother, or entrepreneur - having ‘FLEXIBILITY’ is key.

We are very excited to have these wonderful mums on board:

-       A qualified Nutritionist, specialising in Women’s and Family Health (Gina)

-       A qualified Psychologist, specialising in Maternal Wellness (Lineé)

-       A qualified Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and HIIT workout instructor (Jen)

-       A qualified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and teacher (Gemma)

The Motherhood Project Village is a monthly membership and subscription. Our closed FACEBOOK Facebook group will be the main channel and this website will be the portal which holds all the content. It is easy to join, simple to follow and most importantly has the power to enhance many areas of your everyday life, making a positive difference to you as a mother and for your family.

When you join our village you join a support system that aims to nourish your mind, body and soul. It is for mothers with children 3months + postpartum.

We believe there are three key components of our lives that need balance and attention to help us create the best versions of ourselves. This combination can also help us neutralize the stress we feel as a woman and mother.

·      Physical Activity : Exercise to make you feel good.

·      Understanding Nutrition: Understanding the importance & ease of eating / feeding ourselves and families well.

·      Our Mental State and Personal Development: Being open to our thoughts & feelings and finding our strengths.


-       $20 a month, no joining fee, no long term contact, cancel anytime, we only need one week’s notice for you to opt out. Give it a try with our 7 days FREE trial.


($4.62 a week - a cost of a cup of coffee)

-        20 Fitness workouts. 5 x a week. 

-        (2 x HIIT, 1x Pilates, 1x Stretch and 1x Form)

-        4 x Meditation (once a week written specifically for TMP Village mothers)

-        8 x Personal Development task/support/activity.

-        4 x ‘Day On A Plate’ – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner plan.

-        4 x Lunchbox and snack ideas.

-        4 x Recipes for families.

-        4 x Nutritional extras(hints/ tips), related to the theme of the week.

-        Opportunity to chat to our qualified practitioners each week in monthly time slots. (4 x a month)

-        A monthly hour long webinar run by our TMP Clinical Psychologist Lineé who specialises in Maternal Wellnesss. (topic based around monthly theme)


-        1. Sign up to The Motherhood Project Village via this website.

-        2. Follow the prompts to join the closed FACEBOOK Closed Group (you will be sent a link through email) you will be accepted into this once you have signed up through the website. -

-        3. Enjoy all our wonderful content; rich with ideas, videos, recipes, guidance and inspiration to help you during this amazing motherhood time.


-        Once you have signed up you will receive an email with your invite to join the closed FACEBOOK group. All the information posted on FACEBOOK will be stored on the website (except for the fitness classes, there is a small library of classes stored on the website). You will find all recipes/ nutritional support / ideas (hints and tips), Personal Development strategies/ tips and weekly meditations – you will never need to go scrolling through the closed FACEBOOK group in search of previous posts of interest.

-        This will also include a short video and descriptions on particular exercises, Jen will provide alternatives to certain movements if you are needing these due to health reasons, injuries and recovery.

-         Every Sunday night around 8pm New Zealand time you will receive a timetable with the times of the workouts, posts, themes and online chats etc (A different theme every month)

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 9.20.38 PM.png

-        We provide you with a timetable so you know when we post the information we promised you and what you are paying for.

-        This doesn’t mean you need to be online when these are posted or that you need to access them straight away.

-        We are offering you the FLEXIBILITY to either plan your day around them or access them later on.

-        OR if you don’t get to it till later, or even the following day, you know what to expect on a daily basis.

-        All of the content from that day and from all previous weeks are uploaded under the appropriate tabs so you can access the plethora of resources on our Motherhood Project website. You will need to login to access these member only resources through our Motherhood Project website with your login details.